This is indeed a opportunity to benefit from my years of experience, enhanced by commitment, dedication, hours and years in the pursuit of real estate acquisition, the asset that has created more wealth than any other, “REAL ESTATE”.

I trust that your exposure to this site will be culminated by your [www.ownapieceoftoronto.com] owning a piece, or a larger investment in real estate [Canada], assisting your current and future needs in the journey towards “your personal real estate goal” and/or leading ultimately to financial independence should this be your desire.

Leslie B. Huntley’s work ethic through patience, perseverance and persistence, has earned awards from each company he has worked for: The Permanent, Canada Trust, REMAX, Sutton Group.

Over the years, I have been successfully involved in over 300 real estate transactions [excluding Subdivisions or Condominium Developments]. Of course with so much volume, from the simple, leading up to the extremely difficult requiring the ultimate in resourcefulness, skill and experience.

“You will get more with Les”

Leslie Huntley

Real Estate Professional

IPRO Realty Brokerage Inc. Brokerage

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